Maya Travaglia

Maya Travaglia 2017-06-04T16:48:21+00:00

Maya Travaglia’s current art medium is glass, a complicated and dynamic material that offers endless possibilities. Travaglia primarily works with hand blown glass that has been rolled into sheets. “It is pure color, very magical material the way it changes with the light conditions,” said Travaglia. “I love the duality of it.”

Often, Travaglia’s motivation to create comes from the material itself. For instance, when heated, glass can drip and flow like honey, seemingly coming alive. For Travaglia, this vitality offers endless possibilities of color, content, and form.

With the natural world as her inspiration, Travaglia has created commissioned works of hand blown glass wall art installations, which are unique in their vibrant pattern, light, and movement. The language of art and ways of seeing as well as a commitment to community and a deep respect for nature; together represent Travaglia’s foundation.

More information about this artist coming soon. Contact Casco Bay Artisans for more information.

Coming soon. Contact Casco Bay Artisans for more information.

Coming Soon. Please contact Casco Bay Artisans for more information.