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Working in my studio and creating pieces of ART to put out into the world is a divine joy to me. I feel honored and humbled that my Birdies, Birches, Estuaries, Big Skies, Dune Grasses, Shells and Botanical Abstractions are being enjoyed by folks everyday, in their homes and offices. It is a pleasure to create pieces that resonate with other gentle Nature Lovers.

“I am inspired by the natural world, the shapes, patterns, colors and form have been making their way into my artwork since I was a child. Over the years I have explored many different mediums in my artistic endeavors. I love Painting with Acrylic and Encaustic. It seems that Encaustic medium has emerged as one of my favorite mediums.

Walking in the garden, along the rocky coast, or exploring a bird filled island, these are the magic moments that feed my imagination and my work. Studying nature and creating a visual narrative is the magic that fills my dream world, day and night.”

More information about this artist coming soon. Contact Casco Bay Artisans for more information.

Coming soon. Contact Casco Bay Artisans for more information.

Coming Soon. Please contact Casco Bay Artisans for more information.